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DOs of seeing an escort

DOs of seeing an escort

A meeting with an London Escort can be a unique experience for every man. You must remember, however, to meet the basic requirements to make your encounter a memorable one. Here are our tips to help you with that!

1. Remember to respect your girlfriend – then she will be nice to you and provide you with the highest quality service.
2. Always check range of services of your escort – not every girl offers a wide range of services, and therefore do not require things that she does not offer.
3. Take care of hygiene – take a shower earlier, you can also do this with the girl during your meeting.
4. Keep discretion – she would be able to guarantee you the same thing.
5. Do not delay the payment of the services – escorts expect to pay for a meeting at once, so do keep her waiting.
6. Always say what you expect – that is the foundation of satisfaction of a meeting with an escort, so tell her about your hidden fantasies, and then she will be able to give you satisfaction, remember, girls cannot read your mind.
7. Clean your apartment, when you invite a girl to yourself – certainly then your intimate date will be more enjoyable.

Remember to ask all the important questions, when you book services and employees will hive you needed information right away.

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