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Dominance was my fantasy

Dominance was my fantasy - photo
Domination has long been one of my dreams. But my girlfriend did not want to have such fun. She thought it was humiliating and she was simply preferring plain sex. But I kept thinking about how to get her to change her mind. I watched a lot of videos online and wanted to invite her to watch them with me. I bought her even sexy black latex underwear, but she did not even look at it. She is from Chatham Cheap Escorts.

I was resigned and I thought my dreams would never be fulfilled. On one evening, when she was on a meeting with her colleagues, I was watching domination videos again. I was very excited and at the same time angry because I could not do the same with my girlfriend. Then I went to an escort agency website offering escort services related to domination and BDSM. Although I had doubts, I looked through the girls available and chose one that was very exciting. I wanted to be with her. I was only one phone call from a meeting with a babe form an escort agency. I called and arranged to meet her the same evening. I was very excited when I was going to the escort’s apartment. I did not think about my girlfriend at all. I knocked on the door.

A gorgeous brunette in a black satin gown was in front of me. She smiled at me mysteriously and invited me inside. Her apartment was very elegantly decorated, but the bedroom was like the fulfilment of my dreams – red walls, various erotic gadgets, dimmed light. Immediately I felt a growing excitement. At first, she invited me to the bathroom where I could refresh. I did it fast because my cock could no longer wait.

When I entered the bedroom, she was lying on the bed. She stood up and looked at me provocatively.. I was wearing only a towel. I was supposed to be dominant party, and she was submissive, but in the beginning, it was she who took the initiative. She grabbed my penis and started to kiss me hard. Then I grabbed her tight behind her round buttocks and took her to the bed. I pulled the towel from my hips and showed her my hard penis. At the same time, I ordered her to take off her gown. Underneath she had latex underwear – similar to the one I bought for my girlfriend. I told her to suck my penis and she did it without any talk. I grabbed her head and helped her move forward and backward. She had a really deep throat, which made me thrilled. I could fit almost my entire penis in her mouth.

I picked her out of bed and told her to get up and then gave her a few butt slaps. I grabbed her breasts and then took off her latex panties. Her pussy was already wet. I began fucking her doggy style, holding her hips. She started to breath hard and then grinned. I was brutal, but she liked it. Then I dropped her on the bed and told her to lie down on her back. My escort did it right away. I lifted her legs up and entered her hot pussy. At the same time, I closed her mouth with my hand – it excited me much more. She then gave me a rope – it was a rope used frequently during BDSM meetings.

I tied her hands at the back and started to play with her again. I felt my dream was fulfilled. I did not last long. I made her kneel before me and make a fellatio. She was really good at this and I wanted to finish our meeting that way. I filled her mouth, making a moan of delight. This was a truly unique meeting and I must say that my escort fulfilled all my dreams. At the same time, she gave me the energy to break-up with her old girlfriend. I did that since she was not ready to meet my dreams. It was a very good decision, because soon afterwards I met a girl who also liked BDSM.

Age: 21
Nationality: Eastern Europe
Dress Size: 8
Orientation: Straight
Bust: 31D
Hair colour: blonde
1hr from: £110
2nd hr from: £100
Half hr from: £70
Overnight: £750 (7 hours)
Brittany photo
Brittany knows how to be charming and she fits into every social situation beautifully. She is appealing and you will find that people often gravitate towards her. With long, brown hair and a petite figure, she is the dr... read more
Collin, Manchester
I’ve never met such an eager beauty. Brittany was the sexy brunette who knew how to make my business trip more exciting. I invited her in and we hit it off brilliantly immediately. It wasn’t long before we realised we weren’t going anywhere. She was content to stay in so I ordered room service. We had ourselves a little carpet picnic and then she entertained me with a striptease that I’m still fantasising about. I really couldn’t believe my luck when she showed up at the door. I’m already booked with Brittany for next week and can’t wait.
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